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A Day at the Farm

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School or community  youth groups can arrange to spend a day at the Hilton-Winn Farm enjoying a day of engaging nature-based activities. The YEC offers a range of programs designed to appeal to different age groups. All programs are staffed by trained, experienced, and enthusiastic staff.

Programs offered

  • Hike and Harvest: Spend the morning hiking through fields, meadows, and woods on the farm’s 200 acres. Identify plants, birds, and wildlife. which stimulates the senses and heightens observation skills, seeing wildlife, in touch with nature; garden to table idea — harvesting/gathering seasonal harvesting the fruits – preparing it to eat. (Ages 5-10 or 11-15)
  • Garden and Games: Nurturing the garden; watering, planting, weeding, picking. Traditional Farm games in the field such as sack races, farmer says, plow and sow. (Ages 5-10 or 11-15)
  • Tracks and Treasures: Identify plants, birds, and wildlife. exploring searching/discovering — animal tracking – animal scat. Collecting Nature’s treasures. Stamp boxing. To put in a nature journal. (Ages 5-10 or 11-15)
  • Crafts and Creatures: Various nature-based crafts, using materials from nature including nature prints, paper making, making dyes. Creatures: butterfly catching/insect exploring/under rocks/logs – see what creatures live around us. (Ages 5-10)
  • Fairy Houses and Toad Abodes: Short hike through fields and woods gathering nature’s materials to create enticing dwellings for these mystical creatures. Followed by a picnic in the field. (Ages 5-10)
  • Overnight camp-out: tenting under the stars, campfire (Ages 11-15)

What’s included:

  • Beverages and wholesome, nourishing snack
  • All materials
  • Lots of great memories!

Minimum group size: 10

Contact us for information about fees and availability.